Every retailer knows: good service is the way to keep customers. Shipping and delivery is key in this service and should, therefore, be well taken care of.

Track and Trace

The online Track & Trace system allows you to follow your shipment. You know exactly when it will be, and when it has been delivered.

24-hour delivery

Van den Haak Transmission ensures all your shipments are delivered within 24 hours. When delivery routes are scheduled the timeframes for shopping streets are taken into account. This provides the assurance that your goods are delivered exactly in time to your customers even in city centers.
For retail urban distribution ‘clean’ lorries (e.g. electrically driven Cargohoppers) are used enabling us to reach every store and warehouse.


Do you sell products online? Then our Geldermalsen warehouse is the location to store your stock. If you want us to, we can also take care of all the (reverse) logistic requirements for your webshop. You indicate when a product can be shipped; we pack it and ensure it is delivered to the customer at the time and date specified.

Our E-Fulfilment webshop services arranges for:

  • Storage
  • Stock management
  • Order picking
  • Distribution
  • Reverse logistics

Focus entirely on the sale of your products and save on expensive:

  • Lease contracts for buildings
  • Machines
  • Staff

Turnover for you, logistics for us!