Construction & Industry

Van den Haak Transmission is also a suitable partner for the industrial and construction sector. We make clear arrangements and offer strict delivery times. Your logistics are our profession..


For manufacturing companies, Van den Haak Transmission can arrange for transport and storage of raw materials, semi-manufactured products and end products. We can relieve you of the logistic process and coordinate the distribution of your raw materials and semi-manufactured products with you production process. When the end product has been manufactured, Van den Haak Transmission arranges for distribution to your customers. If desired the end product can also be stored.

Construction sector

We deliver your building materials on any location desired before 4pm, whether this is an existing home address or a building site. We transport both loads with deviating dimensions and individual goods throughout the Netherlands. In addition to transport we can also provide storage for packaged building materials. We collect your building materials on location and store them in our warehouse. When you or your customers want to ship the materials, we arrange for transhipment and distribution to the customer.

  • Delivered before 4pm
  • Delivery in time blocks, e.g. between 10am and noon, is a possibility
  • Communication with the site manager in advance (notification can be arranged by us in advance)
  • Delivery to a not yet official address
  • SMS service / email notification with expected arrival