In the morning, mechanics have to be able to start working immediately. That is why it is important for dealerships and garages to have car parts delivered in time. We ensure quick and reliable night distribution  of parts for our customers throughout the Netherlands.

Ordered today, delivered tonight

Night distribution is ideal for early delivery of parts for e.g. car and lorry garages. By making use of night distribution you do not have to have as many goods in supply, reducing storage space and costs. Provided they are in Geldermalsen in time, goods are delivered throughout the Netherlands before 8am. Even on Saturdays!

Consolidating deliveries for various suppliers

You do not want to spend your days taking delivery of goods from various suppliers? No problem! Van den Haak Transmission offers you the possibility to have goods from various suppliers delivered to our centrally located cross dock. Our staff collect the goods received and ship them as consolidated goods per dealer/workshop in a box or on a pallet.

Storage of summer and winter tyres

One of the additional services we offer is storage of summer and winter tyres. In spring and autumn many people have the tyres of their cars changed and stored at their garages. All these tyres take up a lot of room at the cost of storage space. Van den Haak Tyre storage offers a perfect solution; our warehouse has a huge storage capacity that can easily be used by you, a garage or dealership. Your entire tyre inventory is registered in our warehouse management system that you can access by means of a web application. This system allows you to check the inventory, search for tyre sets and have them delivered on a call-off basis.